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  1. Feliz cumple negris que pases un buen día que Dios te siga dando mucha salud y bendiciones , que todas tus metas se vuelvan éxitos , te deseo lo mejor
  2. Hi all we started explaining the rule : - There is not acceptable complaint after 24 hours from the last time round between teams. This rule refers to the last time that is established between the two teams, example : TEAM 1 VS TEAM 2 play the day 20 TEAM 1 20 GMT TIME TEAM 2 02 GMT TIME The two teams have a deadline to present their complaints until the last hour when it was juiced ie 02 gmt the next day Conclusion, have until 02 gmt of day 21 to file the complaint. Now let's analyze the following link It is an evident error on the part of our administration and we do not see the rule reflected as it should be, so we apologize to the organizers and the affected team. @HEJRAN Since the error is between the teams, and the participants of wrongly doing the rule are from the QSF team, for this only time the claim of the QSF team will not be accepted to correct the error by us, avoid commenting on the decision not it will be changed. QSF and SMART have to play a break, to define the winner, @SARA you can continue with your good work, good luck to all.
  3. 1-3 http://prntscr.com/lmagmp bien pude ganar por net y conteo , y preferí jugar..
  4. @VE ZIDANE O3 Me avisas al skype en que horario puedes rey

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