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  1. Samith Colombia absolutismo Done all
  2. STAFF DECISION SCOFIELD VS CODERS : We can verify very easily that this player was the one who played all the frames, there is no fraud at the time of post we will take the previous macth of CODERS to verify their ggc, the most recent encounter is the BR vs PE... this HERE is the screenshot of this player when he posts his score, here we see that his ggc code is 5CABAE6D Checking the video provided by the player Scofield , we noticed that the code when they were playing the frames and when the player CODERS posts his score is the same (5CABAE6D) as everyone knows, this code is unique to each computer and another player with the same code cannot exist... cleared all this the claim is invalid, COODERS goes to the next round, good luck to all ...
  3. STAFF DECISION The evidence shown by the player @JESUS has been verified and we have concluded that the player is correct. 1.- the atube is not a guide is a program to record the screen 2.- all players can play with the screen in full color or black and white (this is the decision of each player) So final score : @JESUS win by count
  4. Hi @MASSÚ have calm and patience companion tonight the play off will open, remember we to comply with a calendar, have a good day.
  5. SAMITH // JOSSUA CO // VE @S A M I T H // @J 0 S S U A ID // ID Snooker // 8-Ball DONE ALL.
  6. Group 3 change flag out : colombia in : venezuela
  7. live:samith.01 - deiby.martinez6
  8. CO SAMITH CP - VE DEIBY 03 @S A M I T H - @DEIBY CO - VE WinzBro - WinzBro done 23
  9. You are sanctioned by irrelevant post
  10. You are absolutely right, the organizer has failed in this, but now let us be aware that this is the final phase and therefore previous phases have already been played. this final is going to play, GL to all
  11. Hi, the decision will not be changed for the following reasons: when players register they decide to accept the rules of the forum in that case, the ebo player in your iD is registered incorrectly, you can rectify this in the register HERE
  12. Feliz cumple negris que pases un buen día que Dios te siga dando mucha salud y bendiciones , que todas tus metas se vuelvan éxitos , te deseo lo mejor
  13. @Ebo 1.-the results will not be changed and the winning couple can continue playing the tournament 2.- the rule will not be changed This is the final decision not to spam over this or be sanctioned