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  1. Champion: @C A M I L O Thansk all for playing!
  2. 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 FINAL 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 @MirabalGM @MirabalGM @MirabalGM @MirabalGM @barca @Y E I R O N @SiRPES @Jhonny VS VS @MichaeL VS VS @SiRPES @YASSER @Y A S S E R @Y E I R O N @Y E I R O N VS VS @C R I S 7 I A N VS VS @Dagogz @LUCHONE @R E U S @VE ZIDANE 02 @Sandro Batista VS @R E U S @barca VS @R E U S VS VS @VE ZIDANE 02 @HENDI @A L W A Y S @barca @MOUH DZ VS VS @A L W A Y S @C A M I L O @barca VS VS VS @Neover @Maros ✴ @Maros ✴ @Maros ✴ @MirabalGM @C A M I L O @C A M I L O @C A M I L O @MECHAN!C VS VS @Maros ✴ VS CHAMPIONS VS @C A M I L O @BADR @BADR @legend. @T i G E R VS VS @Ebo @legend. VS VS @S.INJECTION @S.INJECTION @S.INJECTION @MEXICO @JADDE @JADDE VS VS @M ROUGE @Lipee VS VS @MEDRH @MEXICO VS @MEDRH @C A M I L O @MEXICO VS @Príncipe @More 08-04-2020 ID : GzGamers Pass: GzGamers ROOM : SL The Best IMPORTANT:
  3. Organizer Caaaaaatiwoman Players 32 Room SL the best Date 08/04/2020 Rules Hide contents Hide contents Hide contents Hide contents Hide contents Hide contents RULES 8 BALL : 2 Win Frames on all stages except final ( 3 win Frames ). 1 DC after BREAK SHOT equals one Frame lose. Insults are forbidden and expose you for disqualification. After the tournament start time begin player has to wait 5 mins for his opponent before he counted the score. using guide not allowed and expose you for banning. To register, indicate your nickname & country. Only valid ID account can participate. Write the result of the game in the forum when it will be finished. Wish good luck, say thanks, any symbol of fair-play (Only in the beginning and end of the match) You can ask for fair-play but it's not essential since the fair play isn't obligatory. If the fair play called and answered, white cue ball should be replaced at the same previous spot otherwise you will lose the game (evidence needed) mikogo + keyboard + poolshield if requested by your vs All games will be running under the new rules click here Eg. Nickname: Catwoman Country: AR Prize 400 GM or 4 $ or VIP 08/04/2020 when the registration ends , we begin @ Chief Manager @ Coordinators @ CP National F @ Designers @ Female Organizer @ Global Admin @ Group Leader @ Head Organizer @ MASTER @ Members @ Mini Manager @ Mini Organizers @ National Player F @ VIP Members
  4. The Girls that are on this list will have the '' '' Only girls on this list, can play the official or unffocial tournaments. # NAME NICKNAME COUNTRY AND REGION PROFILE ID GGC VERIFIER 1. Luana BR Luana 02 Brazil /Sergipe @Luana. ♥ GGC @Jane 2. Carla Chica Mala España @Chica_Mala ♥ GGC @Jane 3. Issabella Issa CT, EUA @issa ♥ GGC @Chica_Mala 4. Glek Gl3k Venezuela @GL3K v5 ♥ GGC @issa 5. Andriele Mozartt BR Mozartt 02 Sao Paulo, Brazil @Andriele Mozartt ♥ GGC @Chica_Mala 6. Karen Karen Arequipa, Peru @Karen C. ♥ GGC @issa 7. Gwen Gwen Porto Alegre, Brazil @Gwen ♥ GGC @issa 8. Jumana Jumana Jordan @Jumana ♥ GGC @issa 9. Jeanneth jane Lima, Peru @Jane ♥ GGC @issa 10. Anyelica Villagrana Angie Sonora, Mexico @ANGIE VILLAGRANA ♥ 1-2 @issa 11. Ely Ely Lima, Peru @Ely ♥ GGC @issa 12. Cindy Caballero Nenita Hn Lima, Peru @Nenita Hn ♥ GGC @issa 13. Silence Silence Lebanon @Silence ♥ GGC @issa 14. Kaad Kaad AE @letk 7shmt ♥ 1-2 @issa 15. Laila Laila Oman @Lailaa , ♥ GGC @issa 16. Natasha Natt Brazil @Natasha Oliveira ♥ GGC @Chica_Mala 17. Marilyn Marilyn Colombia @marilyn ♥ GGC @issa 18. Patricia Paty BR/SC @Paty ♥ GGC @issa 19. Luciene Gaucha Brazil @GAUCHA ♥ GGC @issa 20. Sara Novinha Brazil @N O V I N H A ♥ GGC @issa 21. Caroline Carol Río de Janeiro, Brazil @C A R O L ♥ GGC @issa 22. Rosa Rosse Lima, Peru @Rosse ♥ GGC @issa 23. Mavi Princess Lima, Peru @Maviii ♥ GGC @issa 24. Aldana R. Rosa Negra Chubut, Argentina @Rosa Negra ♥ GGC @issa 25. Brenda Brenda Lima, Peru @Brenda ♥ GGC @issa 26. Angela Angeelaa Tacna, Peru @angeelaa ♥ GGC @issa 27. Stephanie Stephanie Callao, Peru @Stephanie ♥ GGC @issa 28. Jessica Jessica♥ Sucre, Cumana, Venezuela @Jessica♥ ♥ GGC @issa 29. Anahí Jacqueline Catwoman CABA, Argentina @Catwoman ♥ GGC @issa 30. Nenita Hn Nenita Hn Lima, Peru @Nenita Hn ♥ GGC @issa 31. Gabriela Gabriela Chimbote, Peru @Gabriela ♥ GGC @issa 32. Maria Fair Play Argentina @Fair play ♥ GGC @Catwoman 33. Demonia Demonia Lima, Peru @Debra Amenabar ♥ GGC @issa 34. Veruzka Shiro Lima, Peru @S H I R O ♥ GGC @Catwoman 35. Ariana Ariana Murcia, España @ARIANA ♥ GGC @Catwoman 36. Mariipalma Mariipalma Venezuela @Mariipalma ♥ GGC @Catwoman 37. Irene Soledad Sole Barranca, Peru @Sole ~ ♥ GGC @Catwoman 38. Ms. Non Ms. Non Ksa @Ms. NON ♥ GGC @Catwoman 39. Cláudia Ohana Felina Brazil @Cláudia Ohana ♥ GGC @Catwoman 40. Alejandra Morphina Chihuahua, Mexico @Morphina. ♥ GGC @Catwoman 41. Fanny Fanny Brazil @Fanny ♥ GGC @Catwoman 42. Daenerys Daenerys Brazil @Daenerys____ ♥ GGC @Catwoman 43. Lucinda Lucinda Saudi Araba @Lucinda ♥ GGC @Catwoman 44. ♥ 45. ♥ 46. ♥ 47. ♥ 48. ♥ 49. ♥ 50. ♥ 51. ♥ 52. ♥ 53. ♥ 54. ♥ 55. ♥ 56. ♥ 57. ♥ 58. ♥ 59. ♥ 60. ♥
  5. Hi girl   Add me Skype: cattwoman
  6. Out @ZOORO In @Lipee - Lipee - BR
  7. Out @AleekoSba. In @Slock - Slock - ID - MX
  8. Out @HENDI Out @Silence In @Jhoans G. - Jhoans G. - peruvian - PE In @Marquez - Marquez ID - VE
  9. Out @SNOOW.! Out @S A M I T H Out @Jotave In Eminem - @Eminem - ID - VE In S!mox - @simox ID MA In Adrian @ADRIAN ID PE