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  1. About case of R3HAB : He will lose all frames, to his opponent. Rule : - If the player posted his/her final score in forum without mikogo, he/she will lose all the tables (proof valid only with video) Score between players is : CL ANDRE 09 06 Vs 00 PE R3HAB 08 Final score in topic of match. GzGamers STAFF.
  2. Solved, But you will lose @Maros ✴ 2 changes, because Bebito is foreign player (-1 Add/-2 Changes) Done.
  3. Done. Done. Done. Done. This is a success message. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done.
  4. Done. @Maros ✴: The Player SPAWN!, is not in your list. - Slock number has been changed. Done @TERRIVEL - You can't change your country again (In this world cup) Done. SCP cannot change SCP @A L W A Y S, Only the captain can make this change. Request has been rejected ! Done. Done.
  5. If you want to change number of any player next time, put the request in support & help topic @Ebo. The request is accepted now. Done

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