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  1. PHENOM Winzbro ID Portugal telmo.ozil11 Done IVO Winzbro ID Portugal ivoosantos29 Done We are ready to defend the title! 13
  2. PHENOM [8-Ball] ID Portugal telmo.ozil11 Done IVO [Snooker] ID Portugal ivoosantos29 Done INCORRECT REGISTRATION
  3. Parabéns para nós os dois, meu irmão! Em geral, fizemos uma excelente prestação, e com uma bocado de sorte à mistura, conseguimos o que não pensávamos que não era possível. Já desde a v6 que estava a tentar ganhar um torneio individual/duplas, e finalmente, consegui/conseguimos! Uma vez mais, parabéns para nós os dois, afinal de contas somos campeões! "A winner never stops trying!"
  4. 8-Ball Couples Championship 2019 Congratulations Phenom & Striking for the 1st Place Congratulations Pirlo & Reddington for the 2nd Place Congratulations Maros & Leopard for the 3rd Place Thanks Issa for the design, it looks so perfect! And all of you (members & players), thanks for participating! @ Administrators @ Chief Manager @ Coordinators @ CP National @ CP National F @ Designers @ Female Manager @ Female Organizer @ Global Admin @ Group Leader @ Head Organizer @ Members @ Mini Manager @ Mini Organizers @ National Player @ National Player F @ Supervisor @ VIP Members
  5. 1st Place: Phenom & Striking 2nd Place: Pirlo & Reddington 3rd Place: Maros & Leopard
  6. PHENOM 1 - 4 PIRLO (I just needed to win 1 game) PRINT
  7. - THIRD PLACE - @Maros&@[email protected]@PAULO VITOR Deadline: 07/03/2019